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     I am an author, an artist and all around crafty person. I created Thornewood Studios as an outlet for some of that, to provide a showcase and market for selling my work.  Because I am all these things, and so ADHD that even my Muse is ADHD, I flit from one art-form to another. Like DaVinci, I have many interests. Some of them I even do well.

     I've told stories since I could talk, and played with various art mediums over the years. About the only thing I haven't dabbled in yet is oils and hard medium sculpture. I even sew, (though I have no interest in doing that professionally).

     My inspirations come from all around me, from a vivid fantasy life, and some of my art even stems from my RPG and LARP hobbies. (Ask me sometime about the character that started my Ta Moko Menagerie. Just make sure you actually have the time!)

     At the moment I have 8 published novels (plus 2 more in the wings). I write high fantasy, paranormal and magical realism. I have vampires, a fae series (the Gryphon's Rest which includes: Lady of the Mist, The Gloaming, and (eventually) Dance of Devils), pirates and mermaids, shapeshifters and magic users of several bents. I even have talking animals!




      My spice level is fairly low (though higher on Mercy's Ransom), and when there is sex, the description is respectful, imaginative and without graphic or crude language. More often I'll initiate foreplay and fade to black unless it's the first instance in the book or otherwise significant.


     I am back on YouTube!! Setting up audiobook channels and more! Subscribe to my youtube channel to get new videos in longer form of my skits, as well as free audiobooks!

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My Patreon is now live!  I have several tiers, but at the moment everything not free or teaser is available for everyone until I have enough patrons to warrant extra layers!

Free audio files of audiobooks in prep stages, sneak chapters of books in the works, as well as thier audiofiles as I record.  When done, will also have the FULL LENGTH video files from my tiktok skits and serials in addition to seeing them a full week earlier than anyone else.

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