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The Novels of S.L. Thorne

All of the following are currently available as Paperback, Hardback or Ebook.  If you manage to catch me at a con, however, I will happily sign the book for free!


How much more is love worth when you are immortal?

Twentieth Anniversary Edition!


Escape From Faery Was Only the Beginning.

After the gloaming fades, the mists rise and the night melts into bright day, who emerges victorious?


Native magic, a green witch, a nothing, a sorcerer and a talking cat...

An epic adventure on the high seas worthy of Errol Flynn and Tyrone Powers

The faery tale never comes easy.

Book one

The faery tale never comes easy.

Book two


Three incredible authors.
Six thrilling tales.
Vampires, werewolves, and the odd ghost or three.


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