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A place for artist and audience to meet and enrich one another!

       As an author and an artist, I have often had difficulty in finding an outlet for my work. One day, someone suggested I go on the con-circuit, selling my work at various local conventions. I have other friends who are also artists, but who often do not have enough work to justify the expense of a booth, but who still deserve to have their work out there.

       Thus Thornewood Studios was born.

       Named for an artist character in one of my few short stories (who went more or less quietly mad), I’ve gone by LadyThornewood online for so many years that it only felt right. It is intended to serve as an umbrella studio for various artists in need of one. I have so much I wish to do with it, but for now, it is only me.

      Once the art site goes up, I may bring onboard another artist or two, but all journeys must begin with but a single step. Well, …after the packing, of course.


     At the moment, we have books by S.L. Thorne, a Floridian author, and soon to be added: Art by her and other artists! The store is not ready yet, but give me some time, we’re still under construction yet!  Once Covid is no longer a threat, I may be rejoining the con circuit in North Florida, but not until then.

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