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No Promises

There are many reasons I’ve titled this ‘No Promises’. Mostly because I am very pointedly not making any. Not to post regularly, nor to stick to any particular subject. I am a busy woman: house, kids, etc. with book to write on top of all that. You may get anything from a wild ramble about bees, to a recipe, to something random and neat I discovered while researching a book.

I will try and keep you informed of what I’m on... working on... (I said no promises. Editing is one of them) and you might be graced with fragments of a scene, clues and treats. I will try and warn you of the subject in the title, though.

If you have a question on writing or my book or art in general: Ask. Let me know if you want a private dialogue on the subject or if you don’t mind my making a post my answer. I will do my best to get to you...

But still... no promises.

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