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Where you'll find me and when:


Dec 2-3, 2023

Bold City Con

Come Dec 2, I will be at Toon Town in Jacksonville for Bold City con!  Come see me! Buy a book, get it signed, buy overlays and other merch!!  I will have some surprises and goodies!
TOON TOWN 444 Tallyrand Ave Jacksonville, FL

AUG 29- Sept 2, 2024


Dragoncon- MAYBE!

Aug. 29 – Sep. 2, 2024 in Atlanta, GA

I will be applying for a table come February 1st. This is a juried, first-come basis with previous vendors being given priority (I think), so this is a wish, a dream, a hope... not a definite.  So, cross your fingers, knock on wood, whatever you need to do to help me make this happen! Hope to see you there!

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